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Want to Declutter, Organize and Decorate? A Flourishing Place Was Made For You.

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I’m so tired of seeing Pinterest-perfect homes on social media. It’s even worse when I find out the women who run these homes are busy moms! When did they find the time to declutter? How are they keeping everything organized? Are they human?

So many important things happen in the home, but with all the stuff of life swirling around, the home can often be neglected to tend to other important obligations. A Flourishing Place was made to serve moms who want to create a peaceful refuge place for their families, but who often feel exhausted, unmotivated, short on time, and just too plain overwhelmed to get started.

This blog is for the average mom who wants to declutter, organize and decorate her home in order to create an inviting, cozy, and flourishing space for herself and her family. It is for the average mom who has lots of goals and aspirations in the areas of decluttering, organizing and home decorating, but just has no idea where to start. Does this sound like you?

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If so, we could be friends. I have a heart for you because you’re like me. I know exactly what it’s like to still be in your bathrobe at eleven am, or to not remember the last time you scrubbed the toilet, or to have a pile of laundry that comes to your belly button. Life with kiddos is hard, and sometimes it takes all of our energy just to keep them alive, never mind caring for ourselves or getting dinner on the table. 

I have two babes, both still in diapers, and some days are just a total circus. However, I’ve found some systems that have enabled me to have a degree of order and sanity in the house, specifically systems centering around decluttering and organizing. In case you haven’t noticed, kids come with a lot of baggage! With implementing some different habits and routines, the house stays under control (most of the time) and I’ve even occasionally found some spare minutes for a DIY home decor project! 

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You’ll find posts here about decluttering and organizing. These posts are designed to help you and encourage you, giving you bite-sized tips and tricks to help you on your road to decluttering and organizing. And be assured: I am in the trenches with you! Decluttering and organizing is a never-ending process and I certainly don’t have it all figured out. I’ll open up my closets, my drawers, under my sinks, etc. to show you common hang-ups with decluttering and how you can move past them to create a beautifully organized space. 

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You’ll also find posts here about home decor. I’m no interior designer, but I enjoy making our home beautiful on a budget through collecting different things from Craigslist, garage sales, thrift stores, and more. Decorating a home doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful! I think it’s important as moms to be able to express our unique style through the decor in our homes. 

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This blog is not about great hiit workouts, fancy cooking, growing all of your own food or dressing like a magazine model. There’s nothing wrong with those things (and Lord knows I could use a few good hiit workouts), but this blog is primarily about creating a home that flourishes. Clean, well-ordered rooms with space to live life, filling food on the table, fresh flowers from the yard, homey decor that suits your taste, and an open door for friends and family. 

If these sound like things that interest you, I hope you’ll stay for a while. 

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