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4 Simple Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have A Linen Closet

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What the heck do you use for storage ideas when you don’t have a linen closet?! Our house may have originally had a linen closet, but we think when the previous owners remodeled to enlarge the master bedroom, they took it out. Now, I’m not complaining about a larger master bedroom, but this little house quirk has forced us to be creative with linen storage. Below are some great storage ideas when you don’t have a linen closet.

#1 Use Decorative Baskets 

In our bathroom, we use baskets to store our full-size towels. We roll the towels and keep them up on the top of a cupboard. They’ve actually kind of added to the decor, and rolling them as opposed to simply folding really doesn’t take much additional time. Rolled towels can also look nice on a bathroom vanity, but since ours is fairly small and it needs to serve four people, we found keeping them up works best for us. 

#2 Store Sheets and Blankets in Bedrooms

In our kids’ room, we store blankets and sheets in a cedar chest. Between crib sheets and baby blankets and changing pad covers, young kids come with A LOT of linens, so we’ve found having a separate storage space for their linens has been a great option.

#3 Install External Storage

For hand towels and washcloths, we decided the best way to store them was in a cupboard in the bathroom. The only problem was the bathroom didn’t have any cupboards! So, we installed a mirrored medicine cabinet above our sink and a storage cupboard above the toilet. The storage cupboard holds washcloths and hand towels, and there’s even a few decorative baskets which really almost give it a spa-like feel. 

If you have a little more room than we do in our home (we live in a 1,000 sq. ft. home with one small bathroom), you can look at some larger storage options for sheets, blankets, and towels. Below are a few which could work nicely, but also won’t break the bank. None of these are sponsored, just a few ideas to get your mind going.  

In addition, you might think about hunting on craigslist for a hutch, end table, or even small bookshelves to serve as storage. The only downside about open shelving is the need to keep things looking neat (and let’s be honest, how easy is it to let linen storage get out of control?!). 

Photo by Ali Mucci on Unsplash

#4 Get Creative with the Space You Have 

Our master bedroom sheets and guest blankets are stored in our entry closet. Is this shelf meant for storing sheets and blankets? Probably not, but it’s the space we have, so we work with it. Also, having such limited space to store linens has made me ruthless in what linens we’ve kept and what we’ve decluttered. 


It can be frustrating to do without a linen closet, but it’s also a great opportunity to get creative with storage, and an opportunity to make sure I’m not keeping linens on hand I don’t use. Often, extra shampoo, soap and other things are also stored in a linen closet, so in another post, I’ll show you how I store and organize our “extras” when we don’t have a closet where we can hide them. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “4 Simple Storage Ideas When You Don’t Have A Linen Closet”

  1. It can be pretty tricky to make do without a linen closet. We have a very tiny one, but we can’t fit most of our linens in there, so we also have to get creative. In our bedroom we have an Ikea PAX wardrobe, and we’ve carved out an extra shelf for linens, and keep rolled up extra quilts on a bookshelf.
    Thanks for your ideas!

  2. I love how organized everything looks. I also store the sheets and blankets in bedrooms. It makes changing the bed sheets so much easier!

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