Round greenery wreath hanging against a dark blue house siding background

Easy DIY Greenery Wreath Using 3 Simple Materials

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Make this easy DIY greenery wreath in 10 minutes with three simple materials. Some of the best (and cheapest) DIY projects happen when you can use stuff that’s already lying around the house. That happened to me this week when I pulled an old grapevine wreath out of the garage and made this beautiful wreath. The project was super simple to do (take it from a non-crafty person) and also very budget friendly.

one photo of a greenery garland lying against a blue and white striped background with a grapevine wreath and a spool of floral wire

I have to give a shout-out to Sarah from She Holds Dearly, one of my favorite interior design and home decor blogs. She did a video on how you could make a wreath using a greenery garland and it totally inspired me to try it! Also a shout-out to my sweet mother-in-law who took some of these process photos. 🙂


Long greenery garland lying on a blue and white striped background with a grapevine wreath and a spool of floral wire

Grapevine Wreath. These can be picked up for under $10 at a craft store, or if you’d rather go even cheaper, you can pick up a basic metal wreath form at the Dollar Tree. 

Greenery Garland. This is the secret sauce and what makes this easy DIY greenery wreath so easy. Instead of getting a bunch of individual sprigs of stuff, you get one single garland to attach to your wreath form. The sky’s the limit on the garland look. Check out your local craft store and you’ll likely be overwhelmed with choices. You could even pick up a flower garland if you’d rather go in a more floral direction. Whatever you choose, you’ll want a garland that’s going to provide some fullness to adequately cover the grapevine wreath. 

Floral Wire. I picked up a spool for under $5. It’ll be in the florals section at the craft store. 

Accents. I like the simple look of greenery only, but you may want to add a few flowers or other fun little things as accents. You can find individual flowers at the craft store for a few bucks a piece, or you can pick up small bunches of silk flowers at Dollar Tree and get more bang for your buck. 


two hands with plaid shirt cuffs above tying floral wire to secure greenery to a grapevine wreath against a blue and white striped background

I literally did this easy DIY greenery wreath start to finish in 10 minutes flat. 

Lay your grapevine wreath on a flat surface, then begin to simply bind the main stem of the garland to the grapevine wreath using short pieces of wire (maybe around 4-6” in length). 

Wire it as many times as you need to for it to feel secure. My garland felt a bit heavy, so I made sure to wire it several times around the grapevine wreath to make sure it stayed put. 

A grapevine wreath against a blue and white striped background with greenery partially on top of and beside it

When I came full circle with my garland back to where I started, I had leftover garland at the end. I simply cut the excess off with scissors, then tucked the end into where I started and wired it tight against the grapevine wreath. 

Greenery against a blue and white striped background with a hand holding it and a pair of red-handled scissors cutting some greenery off

With the excess garland, I actually cut it up and filled in a few spots that were a little bare just because of how the garland lay on the grapevine wreath. It worked perfectly! 

Greenery wreath lying against a blue and white striped background


Wreath Forms. As mentioned above, you don’t have to use a grapevine wreath, although they have the benefit of being incredibly sturdy. You could also use a metal wreath form, or you could use a styrofoam wreath form, as well. You just need to be aware of how heavy your garland is and make sure you have a wreath form that can handle the weight. 

Garland. When I was at the craft store looking for my greenery, I got so excited looking at all the different options there were for garlands. There is literally a garland for every season and every design style. You don’t have to stick with greenery. Go hunting and see what you can find!

Accents. From miniature flower pots to burlap roses to pink silk peonies, there is an accent to suit everyone’s tastes. Accents are especially fun to experiment with because they’re easily removable, so you can switch out accents if you want to take a wreath from spring to summer (exchanging easter eggs and tulips for sunflowers or mini American flags). 


Greenery wreath against dark blue house siding background

If you’re on the fence about giving this easy DIY greenery wreath a try, go for it! Like I said, I am not a crafty person, but I knocked this thing out without breaking a sweat (or breaking the budget). Wreaths like this one are easy to make and add such a classy touch to the front door of your home. Instant curb appeal! 

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Three photos on a long graphic - top one is a greenery garland lying next to a grapevine wreath and a spool of floral wire on a blue and white striped background, second one is two hands tying floral wire securing greenery to grapevine wreath, and the third one is the completed greenery wreath against a blue and white striped background

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