Distressed Farmhouse Style Mirror Frame with Chalk Paint: An Easy Home Decor DIY Tutorial in 5 Steps

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Looking to create a distressed farmhouse style mirror frame with chalk paint? This easy home decor DIY tutorial will guide you through the process. Even if you’re a home decor painting novice, you can easily get this done! 

Photo on top of a black framed mirror on a grey wall with curtains on the right and a white door on the left. Second photo of a white framed mirror on a grey wall with curtains on the right.

I started this project because I decided to repaint a black mirror frame hanging in our living room. It was beautiful as is, but I have slowly started migrating away from the black furniture aesthetic we’ve had going in that room, and painting this mirror was a next step to keep us moving in that direction. I’m wanting to go more towards a farmhouse style with lots of white, some natural wood and a generally light and airy feel. 

Tools and Supplies

The supplies list is minimal and you may have several of these things on hand already. None of this is sponsored, just suggestions to get you started. 


Blue Painter’s Tape

Brown Paper Bag or Newspaper 

Fine Grit Sandpaper

Microfiber Cloth

Foam Brush (you can always use a chalk paint brush like one of these, but I opted to go with what I already had this time around)

Chalk Paint (Spray or Jar the brand I used is out of stock, but this is a similar one)

Paste Wax 

Step 1: Remove Hardware and Mask Mirror

a black framed mirror lying on a canvas background with the mirror part masked with blue painter tape and paper

If you can remove the mirror from the back, go for it. Otherwise, mask the mirror with a brown paper bag or newspaper and blue painter’s tape. 

close-up of a black and yellow screwdriver unscrewing a black hook from a black wood frame with blue painter's tape in the upper right corner

Detach any decorative hardware (I easily detached the hooks on the bottom, but the gorgeous door knob hardware would literally not come off, so rather than risk damage to the mirror, I left it on and simply worked around it).

Step 2: Lightly Sand Mirror Frame and Wipe Down

A hand with a ring on it holding sandpaper and sanding down a black wood frame against a canvas background, with blue painter's tape on the left hand side

Use fine grit sandpaper (180-220) to lightly sand the surface of the frame. This helps ensure the paint will adhere well. Once the sanding is finished, wipe the whole thing down with a microfiber cloth to make sure it’s free of any dust. 

Step 3: Apply Chalk Paint

Hand holding a foam paintbrush painting white chalk paint on a black wooden mirror frame. Painters tape and masking paper on the left hand side.

Now apply your chalk paint. I used a jar of chalk paint I picked up on clearance a while ago from a craft store, but spray chalk paint would work just as well (perhaps even better!). Chalk paint dries quickly, so you don’t have to wait long to add another coat. I ended up applying three coats in total.

Close-up of a foam brush with white chalk paint on it. Painters tape and brown masking paper in the background.

I used a foam brush as opposed to a traditional brush because I wanted to minimize the look of brush strokes. Around the door hardware, I actually used a toothpick to get the paint into some of the nooks and crannies. Not ideal, but still effective! 

Step 4: Sand Mirror Frame Edges

Once you’re finished painting, take fine grit sandpaper and sand several different edges and spots on the mirror to give it that distressed farmhouse style look. I’d encourage you not to go overboard, but sand enough so that it’s noticeable. In the end, it’s your decision how distressed you want it to look. I decided to go fairly understated on my mirror frame. 

Step 5: Wipe Down Mirror and Apply Paste Wax

When the mirror frame is distressed to your satisfaction, wipe the whole thing down once again with a microfiber cloth. The chalk paint I used has a lovely matte finish and I didn’t want to change that by putting a clear coat over the top, so I used a basic paste wax to finish the look.

Close-up of a yellow and red paste wax container with blue painter's tape in the background

Just take a clean cloth, swipe a little paste wax from the container and gently rub it into the wood. If you were painting something which receives a lot of heavy use, I’d encourage you to finish the piece with a higher-performing top coat. However, this mirror hangs on my wall and is never touched except when it’s dusted, so I felt good about finishing it with the paste wax. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to paint a distressed farmhouse style mirror frame with chalk paint?

It depends on what you already have on hand, but here’s a quick rundown of approximately how much the materials cost if you were to purchase everything.

Chalk Paint Jar $8

Chalk Paint Spray $11

Blue Painter’s Tape $4

Sandpaper $5

Foam Paint Brush $1

Paste Wax $7

Total $25 – $28  

What other home decor can I paint with chalk paint?

Picture frames, jars, furniture, you name it! As mentioned above, chalk paint with a paste wax on top works great for items that don’t see daily use. If you’re painting your kitchen cupboard, chalk paint would definitely not be a good choice as it’s tough to wipe down and keep clean. 


Well, there you have it! You now know how to create a distressed farmhouse style mirror frame with chalk paint. I hope you give this project a try, and if you do, let me know in the comments below! It is so fun to update existing pieces you already have in your home and give them fresh life. 

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white framed mirror with an old fashioned doorknob on a grey wall

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