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Yes! You Can Declutter, Organize, and Decorate as a Busy Mom

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This blog exists to help average moms with decluttering, organizing and decorating their homes on a budget. Now I’m a person who enjoys being organized, but in the chaos of day-to-day life with littles, it can be hard to get past survival mode and into a place of thriving. After I had my first child, I wondered if our home would ever feel orderly again, and when the second one came eighteen months later, I decided the answer was a definitive “No.” 

However, I’ve learned some things since having kids, and one of the most important is that a thriving home in the midst of a busy life with littles is possible. The house will not always be perfectly clean, the bins won’t always match, the front porch decor won’t always match the pinterest picture, but it is possible to live in a decluttered, organized and beautiful home in this season of life.   

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And that’s my goal with this blog: To help average moms like me thrive on the homefront. It’s why I named this blog “A Flourishing Place.” To flourish literally means “to grow luxuriantly: thrive” or “to grow or develop successfully.” This whole idea of growth and thriving in the home will look different for everyone. However, if you’re overwhelmed by the mess and the tasks and the exhaustion, my goal is to help you get to a place where you feel your home is not merely a functional place in which to survive, but a rich place of beauty and order and enjoyment in which to thrive.  

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The Positive Psychology People discuss flourishing as “the product of the pursuit and engagement of an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness through meeting goals, being connected with life passions, and relishing in accomplishments through the peaks and valleys of life.”

Meeting goals? Being connected with life passions? These are things which can feel a world away when you’re tired and overwhelmed. My heart, however, is to help you get to this place of thriving in your home “through the peaks and valleys of life,” as the definition above says. How? With simple ideas to help you make your space a calm, cozy, welcoming refuge, both for you and for those who live in and visit your home.  

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Here are the goals of this blog:

1. Empower moms to declutter their homes without feeling overwhelmed or defeated.

Decluttering is not for the faint of heart. It’s tough to get started, difficult to persevere through, and difficult to maintain once an initial declutter is completed. This is why so many avoid it!

Yet, the results of decluttering yield some of the richest rewards for our home life. If decor is the frosting on top, and organization is the cake underneath, then decluttering is the solid plate (foundation) on which the whole thing rests. When clutter is cleared away, we can better see how to organize our belongings, and then have the joy of making what remains look beautiful through decorating. 

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But, HOW to declutter as a busy mom? How to get started? How to stay motivated? These are all topics we’ll cover in the blog. 

2. Teach moms to organize their spaces in a way that is simple, sustainable and affordable.

Perhaps you, like me, have fallen into the trap of looking at those professional closet design companies and thinking, “Now THAT would solve all my problems!”  

However, you don’t need a professionally designed organization system in order to have a flourishing life. Sure, they’re nice, but in this blog, I want to show you easy and simple ways to organize your belongings that will be sustainable long-term and also won’t break the bank.  

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The beautiful thing about organizational systems designed by YOU is they can be incredibly adaptive to the changing seasons of life (and with little ones in tow, we know change is basically the only constant!)

What bins should I use? How can I best utilize shelving? Does everything have to match? What if I have no money to buy organizing stuff? We’ll cover this and more in the blog. 

3. Inspire moms to find their true home decor style and decorate their homes on a budget.

In the past when I thought of decorating a home on a budget, what immediately came to mind were quirky craft projects and mediocre DIY’s that look cheap and cheesy rather than elegant and attractive. But it doesn’t have to be that way! “Budget” doesn’t need to equal “tacky.” 

Slowly, a little bit at a time, I’m learning how to decorate my home in a beautiful style all my own, while also keeping a reasonable budget and saving money as I go. It’s not always easy, and sometimes things take a little more time, but the end result is worth it. 

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I am definitely not any kind of decor guru, but I can show you the different ideas and projects I’m working on in our home and perhaps provide a little inspiration and encouragement as you work on your home. 


So, that’s it. I hope this blog can be an encouragement to you if you’re a mom looking for help in the areas of decluttering, organizing and decorating on a budget. If I could leave you with one thought, it would be just to encourage you that you’re not alone. Being a mom and running a home is hard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and let these words sink in: the work you’re doing is important, and success does not mean perfection. Success means growing and thriving in the midst of the imperfect. 

Much love, and I look forward to connecting more with you soon. 

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